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Modular Kitchen Salem - A to Z Details (Must Read)
5 மிக முக்கியமான மாடுலர் கிட்சன் அமைக்கும் முன் கவனிக்க வேண்டியவை👇👇

Thank you so much for visiting the Merlok interiors web site. Are You Looking For A Modern Interior Designer To Set Up Modular Kitchen In Salem? We are just waiting for it !!👈

Most people today need a modular kitchen set up for their home. They think it should come out pretty. In this post we give you a complete information about Modular Kitchen. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to set up Modular Kitchen 🤚96003 99153🤚.👈

Different types of Wooden Modualar kitchens🔔
     1. Laminate Kitchen
     2. Acrylic Kitchen
     3. Veneer Kitchen
     4. PU Kitchen
     5. PU + Acrylic Kitchen
1. Laminate Kitchen📌

Lemonade is a combination of plastic and wood. There is a beautiful plastic surface on top of it. It gives us a pretty glimpse to us. 90% Modular Kitchen Set with Laminate sheets only now a days.💡

Example: if you see any kitchen on the internet or in places most of the time 90 percent that is probably a laminate kitchen.👈

2. Acrylic Kitchen📌

Acrylic is a kind of glossy material. It would be more beautiful to look at than laminated. Prices are more expensive than laminate. Acrylic is used for high beauty modular kitchen needs.💡

Note:Just as the price is high, its beautiful looks also look very high. 👈

3. Veneer Kitchen📌

The veneer is made of a kind of thin wooden louvers. It is used when a seeming need, such as wooden textures, is required. But laminate also can give you these exact look which veneer gives. But  There are people who like veneer though.💡

Note:It is not currently used very often, but it is more expensive than laminate and it requires more workload to install it. 👈

4. PU kitchen📌

PU – refers to polyurethane paint. It is coated on the wooden surface. For this purpose a type of wood called Rubber Wood is used. The PU gives us a very different look compared to the laminate.💡

Note:it is very time consuming kitchen arround 20 to 45 days because it has 5 layers of painting process. 👈

5. PU + Acrylic Kitchen📌

PU + Acrylic is the name for the blend of PU – polyurethane paint, and acrylic. This is more than the cost of both pu and acrylic. The higher the price, the better its outward appearance.💡

Note:it is way more beautiful look better than any above kitchen. 👈

Conclusion 🎙️

All the above information explains to you the variety of modular kitchens in plywood modular kitchen. Each one can provide you with the best use of each. You can choose What suits you uniquely all by see this products directly through your eyes .💡

If you want to set up a Modular Kitchen in Salem contact us with our mobile number  🤚96003 99153🤚.

You can also chat us via WhatsApp – 🤚96003 99153🤚

1. How much it cost for a modular kitchen? 🗨️

it is totally based on, what is your kitchen size, which material you go for build your kitchen, required appliances & required kitchen accessories.💡

2. Which modular kitchen is best? 🗨️

it’s like which car is best car? if you want to buy a right kitchen for you, you have to understand the types of available kitchen, price of those kitchens & your budget affordability .💡

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