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Home interiors in Salem solutions are becoming a more popular choice as turnkey projects are proven to be much easier, effective, and cost efficient for home, offices, retail units and building owners everywhere.

A home interiors in Salem design solution is an integrated solution where one contractor controls and manages the entire interior design project from start to finish, reducing the level of stress and work involved for the owner.

A major design project for a home or commercial space can be a long and difficult piece of work for the owner, but home interiors in Salem solution will provide then with just one point of contact and full responsibility for the work being carried out.

Choosing home interiors in Salem solution really is a one-stop shop for your interior design project, whether that’s a fresh makeover or a completely new start.

Instead of searching for the best products and design ideas, speak to your project manager about your tastes and ideas and they will listen, provide you with options and choices, and develop your ideas into something that works wonderfully in your space.

Time management becomes simpler too, as your turnkey solution provider will provide you with one timeline and manage all subcontractors contributing to the project.

You can monitor one timeline, and receive updates from your one point of contact, instead of managing multiple suppliers at one time and reacting to any reactive changes in the timeline or project plan.

A home interiors in Salem solution is also easier for the management of budgets and payment.

A project manager will manage all of the spending on the project with your budget at the forefront of any decisions, and you also have just one supplier to make a payment to.

It makes costs easier to track and budgets easier to analyse.

Your project manager will be an expert in their field, with excellent knowledge and experience in all parts of the project, and have contacts with the best suppliers.

They are more likely to find the best quality materials, skilled contractors, and products for the best value.

One of the common misconceptions of home interiors in Salem design solutions is that property owners can lose their ownership of the style of the space and it won’t feel like their own.

In reality, you will have one point of contact from inception to completion, and a good and working home interiors in Salem provider will keep in constant and clear communication with you, take direction well, and support you in achieving your interior design goals.

Home interiors in Salem solutions are becoming more popular than self-managed projects, and as our lives get busier, turnkey solutions can provide peace of mind and produce effective interior design results.

Our turnkey solutions include civil works, interiors and modular furniture, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and other BMS (building management systems) services, electrical services, net working, carpentry works, plumbing and furniture.

A commercial design that is driven by our customer’s visual aspirations for his workspace and a successful execution through carefully planned collaboration is the simple yet effective formula for our success.

We present the complete picture of what the finished project would like to the customer at the very beginning using our advanced design tools and ensure that it is replicated down to the last detail.

Our Home interiors in Salem Solutions offer you the complete product, from initial designs through to installation.

We design every aspect of the project from wall and floor finishes to full kitchen and bathroom specifications and lighting and electrical design to procurement, installation and decoration.

We’re passionate about textures, combining materials and fabrics, deep color palettes and tailored lighting systems, to create a flowing narrative from room to room – producing interiors that tell a story.

Our Home interiors in Salem Solutions are ideal for Star Hotels, Resorts, High End Luxury Apartments, Up-Market Restaurants/Bars, Branded Retails Showrooms, Airport Lounges, Malls etc..

Turnkey solutions allow us to provide you with a personal experience – you’ll work with the same team from your initial design meeting all the way through to implementation.


Turnkey solutions consultant

It is possible to create designs that work with the sensibilities of everybody.

So, whether you would like a home that reflects your modest taste or would like something that exhibits your lavish sense of style, you can create the perfect home.

The interior designers and decorators of MERLOK INTERIOR have put together this home that reflects the tastes of the homeowners perfectly.

One of the best ways to brighten up any space is to use subtle shades and the best lighting possible so you can display your home in the best light.

Pleasing living room

This is a unique room in the sense that this peachy shade is rarely used as an accent colour.

However, the designers seem to have been able to contrast the colours well and create a space that is not only beautiful but appealing as well.

The L-shaped sofa has been added to a regular two-seater to create adequate space for guests.

Inspiring entryway

This lovely long passageway makes for a dramatic entrance as the colour that has been chosen is bold and Indian in its own ways.

Plus, the lovely and ornate brass idols within the shadow boxes enhance the appearance of this space.

Impressive hall and dining room

The living room is bright and cheerful with the vibrant shades that have been used by the designer.

The blues have been combined with the brown sofas to create a balance in design and texture as well.

On this side of the room, the simplistic dining table makes for a great area. The glass table is simple yet functional.

Mosaic Magic

The mosaic/marble counters create a perfect balance as they contribute to beautifying the space without overwhelming it.

Here, they have been used on one side as a great counter and on the other the same effect has been used as a base for a pooja space.

The intricate woodwork indicates a space dedicated for prayers.

The lights in the ceiling work wonderfully well to brighten this room even further.

Interesting and spacious kitchen

Large and inviting is how you can describe this space.

The kitchen shelves and the countertop make for the best contrasting colours.

While the lighter colour has been used on top, the dark shade below the counter, balances it off perfectly.

Cane baskets in shelves add a certain modern touch to this space.

Spacious room

The stone wall is the perfect accent for this room and it seems to bring out all the right shades to complement this room.

The mural which seems to mimic a cherry blossom tree is perfect in here and it seems to bring a whimsical feel to the room as well.

The false ceiling has a wonderful border in similar tones to match the overall look.

Modest dining room

The dining room seems small but it is perfect for this home.

A false ceiling in that area accentuates the beauty of this lovely space.

A small cabinet adorns the corner creating the ideal shelf space for such a room.

Royal Master Bedroom

Again, the emphasis here is on bright tones and textures on the wall.

Large drapes which is a combination of sheer along with thick and heavy drapes makes for an inspired look.

A simple and classic shape for a desk adorns a corner in the room.

This is a room that exudes serenity and calm.

The blue shades seem to all merge to make the room glow.

The false ceilings in similar tones and the charming wardrobe which includes a mirror makes for a thoughtful design in here.

The furnishings have been chosen smartly so it goes with the overall look.

Modest guest room

This bedroom is modest yet it gives a classy and sophisticated appearance and that is thanks to the unified and cohesive look that the designers have managed to give to this space.

The wardrobes are functional yet they look stylish thanks to the single colour of wood that has been used here.

The stylish headboard works with the cabinet against the wall.

This lovely little space is unassumingly charming.

The patterned wall is the bright part of this room and by using a hydraulic bed; the designers have made this room functional.

The blinds add another layer to the clean look that they have attempted to achieve.

Great children’s room

By using lively and bright colours that gel with each other, the designers have created a room that works well.

The world map on the bed is colorful and useful at the same time.

The large bench on one side is functional while creating wonderful seating area.

This bedroom is certainly one that has a distinctive style of its own.

The lavender shade on the walls which acts as the perfect background acts as a wonderful contrast to the wallpaper used on one side of the room.

The fan has been chosen in a colour that matches with the tones therefore giving a uniform look to everything

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